$20 Dollar Drones ?

My New Favorite Drone Is Only $20





” I understand if maybe you’re a little sick of drones by now, but hear me out. This one is ridiculously cheap and ridiculously cool.

There are two ways to pilot a quadcopter, right? Either you use an app on your phone or tablet, or you use a handheld remote with a pair of joysticks.”



Image result for  Techboy TB-802 motion-controlled drone



” But wait! Turns out there’s a third way, and so help me I’m positively giddy over it. Not only that, it’s stupid cheap. For a limited time, and while supplies last, Tomtop has the Techboy TB-802 motion-controlled drone for $19.99 shipped. That’s after applying discount code TT802 at checkout.

¬† Take note: This will ship from Tomtop’s China warehouse, meaning it will very likely take two to three weeks to arrive. The reseller will be offering it via a US warehouse, but not for a couple weeks — and the price will be a few dollars higher.”




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