Project Icarus Promotes STEM Skills For Kids Through Drone Building

Program Allows Kids To Build And Fly Drones, While Helping Them Grow In STEM Fields




” A new program called Project Icarus is teaching kids how to build drones, while at the same time helping them grow in STEM fields, which focus in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

  Project Icarus, launched by the Texas-based Flynoceros Racing Drones, is a workshop that not only allows kids to build drones, but also teaches them how to fix and fly them. This is different from drone kits bought at stores that don’t show users how repair them.”



drone program stem



” Although parents can buy a drone kit at a retail store, those products are sometimes cheap and can break easily after crashing. That’s where Flynoceros steps in. Drones for Project Icarus are made from the same materials that are used in high-end racing drones, and are based on open source software.

  Dani Dias’ seven-year-old daughter Ava participated in a Project Icarus workshop. Ava was able to build a drone and fly it after the $150 session.

“ She couldn’t believe it,” Dias told International Business Times about Ava’s excitement about building her drone. “She didn’t think it would be something she would be able to do or build. She said ‘Wow, really?’ and kind of didn’t believe.” “




Internnational Business Times

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