Is Airspace’s Tarantula Drone The Answer To “Rogue Drones” ?

Meet The Ultimate Drone-Catching Drone



” While the Federal Aviation Administration wrestles with how to control increasingly available commercial drones, the San Leandro-based company Airspace Systems is combating the problem directly. Airspace Systems’ “drone-hunting drones” are part of the company’s larger, complete drone security system, designed to protect against everything from commercial drone-malfunctions to potential terrorist attacks. The company talked to Forbes about the unique challenges and opportunities in the newly emerging drone security market.

  Airspace Systems was founded in 2015 by Noah Moore, Jaz Banga, and Earl Stirling, with the goal of bringing deep learning, machine vision, and drone technology together in a modern security system designed for 21st-century threats. “You are going from a 2-D security problem, which was fences and gates and doors and locks, to now a 3D problem,” says co-founder and CEO of Airspace Systems Jaz Banga. “[Drones] defeat all existing security systems because they fly over them.”



Jaz Banga displaying an Airspace Systems' drone



” Airspace Systems’ drones are built to detect, track and ultimately deter or capture enemy drones. “We actually physically intercept the drone. We don’t rely on electronic jamming,” says Banga. Comparatively, other companies in the drone security market have mostly worked on drone detection.”




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