Delair-Tech Uses 3G Network To Complete Record 30 Mile BVLOS Flight

Delair-Tech Sets New Record for BVLOS Flight





” French commercial drone manufacturer Delair-Tech has successfully completed a BVLOS flight of 30 miles via 3G cell network.

  Electricity transmission company RTE and Delair-Tech set a new distance record this morning when they flew a civilian drone 30 miles (50 kilometers).  Officially, the flight’s mission was to inspect RTE’s power lines and record data that will result in models of RTE’s European power grid.”







” BVLOS flight has been legal in France since 2012, and Delair-Tech’s commercial drones were designed for long endurance flight.  Today’s record-setting flight added a 3G communication network to guide the drone to the Delair-Tech solution.

  French authorities granted Delair-Tech and RTE permissions to use a specific flight corridor and perform the flight.  Two pilots at launch and two pilots at landing were used to manage the mission, although the flight was performed autopilot with the GPS data integration within the drone.”





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