6 Reasons Why Drone Delivery Is Total BS

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” Retail drone delivery seems to have been on the cards for years now. But how realistic is the prospect of drones flying autonomously through the sky and dropping off parcels direct to your doorstep? 

  We’re not so sure. Here are 6 reasons why Drone Delivery is total BS.

1. ‘The Last Mile’

  One of the biggest challenges facing mainstream drone delivery is the delivery itself. Sure, you’ve managed to attach a package to a drone and fly it to its destination. But now what?

  How do you stop people from interfering with the drone and its package? How do you make sure the drone is able to deal with unexpected scenarios? How exactly does the package get from the drone to your doorstep?

  It seems inevitable that pets and people will interfere with drone deliveries, deliberately and by accident. These are problems of ‘the last mile’. “



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” And they are fundamental questions that drone delivery advocates still need to answer. So far, Amazon has been granted patents for some kind of parachute system. But we have no idea whether that remains a concept or has become reality.

  And while a parachute is all well and good, it brings another level of complexity to drone delivery. Where will the parachute be dropped? How accurate will that drop be?

  Central to all of these questions is…”





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