In Strange Reversal , White House Offers Less Drone Regulation While Industry Seeks More

Trump Pledges To Ease Drone Regulation, But Some Companies Actually Want More






” President Donald Trump turned his attention to drones on Thursday as drone company executives met at the White House to discuss government involvement in the drone industry.

  The common theme at Thursday’s meeting? Regulation.

“ [We’ve had] too many years of excessive government regulation,” Trump said at the meeting with drone executives. “We’ve had regulation that’s been so bad, so out of line, that it’s really hurt our country. On a daily basis, we’re getting rid of regulation.” “






” But that wasn’t necessarily the message the drone CEOs wanted to hear.

“ This is actually one industry where we need a little more regulation,” said PrecisionHawk Chief Executive Officer Michael Chasen during Thursday’s meeting. “The default is actually limiting what drone technology can do, and we need the FAA and the other regulatory bodies to have a little bit more power in opening up those opportunities.” “






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