Pilot Resources

No-Fly Zones As Provided By DJI

No-Fly Zone Map

Click on the map or the link in the header to go to the interactive page at DJI



This link to AirNav provides pilots with the contact information to every airport in the US:






   Below pilots will find a sample letter from an experienced UAV/UAV pilot , Tom Kilpatrick ,published on the UAV Legal News & Discussion Facebook page that lays out how to deal with small town , towerless airports if you are planning a shoot within their purview:


” Tom Kilpatrick I send an email with cc to self in order to have a written record of my notification. I print the copy and take with me. This is what I send to owners of non-towered airports: Dear Mark:

I am notifying you that I will be operating a UAS/UAV in close proximity to _____ airport next week. I am notifying you per the FAA guidelines found here:https://www.faa.gov/uas/model_aircraft/

The flight will be on _____, June __ between __ and __ local. We will be above _____ which is approximately ___ miles west of the airport. The UAV will remain below 400’ AGL as measured from the launch point. If weather or other circumstances require us to reschedule, I’ll notify you either by email or by calling _____.

I’ve listed my cellphone number below if you need to contact me.

Tom Kilpatrick
(___) ___-____ “


Much thanks to Tom for the sample letter and fellow pilot Trevor Meeks for the AirNav link .





National Association of Realtors: Drones


Academy of Model Aeronautics


Drone Law Journal


Drone Pilots Association


UAS America Fund


UAV Legal News & Discussion


Worldwide Drone Rules


Drone Laws By Country

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